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“If the Mood kit did’nt exist, we would want to invent it !”


Love at first sight kind of, anyway ! What would have been my pregnancy if I hadn¹t found the miraculous Mood Kit? Something like a grasshopper wearing a fluffy meringue!

Thankfully to my Mood Kits, my closet did not change at all. I could still look gorgeous and feminine, pregnant or not. My basics being black, I started with a black Mood Kit.

The following week I got the vanilla and the navy ones. The cobalt blue makes me look like a living Klein. Honey Bun was born 6 weeks ago. I go on wearing my Mood Kit because its opening allows an “undercover breastfeeding” and because even with still-not-that-flat a belly I feel pretty and comfortable in it.

What if I got pregnant again to treat me with the red MoodKit?

Want your own Moodkit ?

Rendez-vous sur l’eshop officiel pour découvrir quel Moodkit est fait pour vous.