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I created Moodkit, because I wanted one for me !

At the begining, some pounds to hardly manage to feel better during my pregnancy.

For my part,  I’m talking about 50 pounds of love, that I wanted to cherish as a treasure. I wanted to be proud of it, not to hide them, so I needed an extra help from my wardrobe, wich day after day was transforming into the « ennemy ». The word is strong ! I know, but I really felt the urgency to reconcile myself with my own body. That say, my vision of the ideal garment was a second skin, comfortable, very soft, shapped. A base who would allow me to cover and protect my body… and not destroying my style…. If you are here, reading that manifesto, I guess you had the same vision of Moodkit. I’m sure that you’ve already dreamed about its comfort, and about you body sublimated in the mirror. Welcome !!! You can breathe and have a moment, just for you, because you’re on the right place. What an amazing adventure !

Enjoy and breathe, Moodkit does exist, and it was designed for you, as for me, with the best of textile technology.

We use a perspiring microfiber, you don’t sweat in it. Who supports machine washes and daily distorsions. It is a real one size fits all, wich complete perfectly your body during your weight variations. And it’s a playful mix and match wardrobe that allows you to modulate and change your fashion look according to your moods… Easy, smart and fun !

Wouldn’t be pleasant to all, that we stop asking us for our size ?

Moodkit suits to every woman whishing that we really perceive them for what they really are.

This second skin will help you to reveal your personality and inner beauty. I know, this sounds as a hudge promise,  and for sure it’s difficult to understand as you didn’t try it yet, but have a look on the Moodkit girl portofolio and please read their testimonies. You can also ask us any question you have at about our products and we will be so glad to answer you as soon as possible. You can also have a tour on our FAQ page, we tried to answer your most frequent questions.

The real success of Moodkit is you…

Launched in 2007, Moodkit was successful  at once with prestigious department stores as Galeries Lafayette, Bon Marché, Harrod’s, and prestigious french awards as « Lancements » 2008, « Talents » 2009, and « label Parents » 2012. But our biggest pride is our extraordinary community of Moodkit girls wich supports us since our first day. Beleive that is nothing more precious that your kind testimonies, your photos, and your invaluable recommandations wich allow us every year to improve the quality of our products.

We’re so exited to see what kind of Moodkit girl you are !


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You are the Moodkit generation !

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Moodkit girl in chief