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One size fits all

noun_25765_ccWe are working since the begining of the Mood kit on the « real and perfect One size fits all » that will fits your body perfectly during all the 9 months. Our products have been designed to follow your own and inner rythme. They are your best pregnancy (and breastfeeding) partners ! You will wear them every day on different way and feel protected, comfortable and magnificent. Tested from Tiny to really tall girls. From non pregnant to twins expectant ready to deliver. From tiny breast to E cup !!!


Unique technology

noun_43170_ccOur products are unique piece of clothing. Its becool technology really reduces the sensation of perspiration. Also combine a heat regulating technology. Becool have been used a lot in the sport textil industry. They used to make a lot of tee-shirts for our men for they can have jogging for hours without perspiring ! We are the only one brand using the becool technology for pregnant women.
74 % Becool Polyamid / 19 % Polyamid / 7 % élasthan



An inovative closing system

noun_33350_ccOur products are not outfit like any others. We invented a very inovative and smart opening and closing system to help every users to get dressed and undressed very easyly. I had this vision of the opening and closing concept while I was beastfeeding my son. Eureka ! The Mood kit was born ! This unique opening and closing system is an invention protected by a worldwild protection. All imitation will be punished.



Smart and fun for pregnancy

noun_9558_ccOur products get there original size back after every Wash.

You can use the washing mashin 30°

No tumble dry

Very quick natural air drying, and you don’t need to iron it !!!

What else ?

Flexible kits ready to play

noun_4621_ccYou have a great mixing possibilities between all kits. Be creative and play with the great combinations.

Mix Your Mood kit, with the Dress kit and Jolie Mom’ kit.

You are you own fashion designer !



A unique concept

noun_18326_ccA unique worldwild concept developed by a French designer already rewarded by the TALENTS 2009 french Award for all the brilliants innovations brought to the maternity market with the Mood kit and Dress kit. All our products are protected from imitation.

Moodkit, le vêtement de grossesse mode, ultra doux et confortable, taille universelle. Le chouchou des futures mamans blogueuses.

Maman du futur ?


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