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Your questions,  our answers 😉



I’m expecting twins, and I will turn size 50, do you think I will fit into your Moodkit ?

Do not panic ! Yes Moodkit is for you too ! You will fit perfectly Moodkit, and obviously it will become one of your favorite garment. One of the most comfortable and suitable.

I’m not pregnant at all, but can I wear Moodkit ?

Yes yes yes !!!! What ever is or was or will be your size, and your age, Moodkit is a real body therapy for all women who needs to be protected in the most comfortable second skin clothes ever…. ! We love to call it the booty therapy or belly therapy, or even boobs therapy !!!

And if your the kind of amazing body girl #bodyproject #Ilovemybody #Callmegisele #whoruntheworld then you will look #bombastic in your Moodkit catsuit, your Moodkit bodysuit… Me, naked and my Moodkit Tube… what else !

I’m so small… I’m super tall… Can I wear Moodkit ?

Sure ! The Moodkit fabric is amazingly extensible. We dressed the little ones and their bigest friends… Many Testimonies are available on the Moodkit girls testimonies page. Do not hesitate to read them. If you think your special, let’s contact us and we’ll be happy to talk about it !

Should I go to my yoga class with my Moodkit ?

Of course you should !!!! And we count on you to make the Moodkit promotion ! Choose a colour for your yoga catsuit (grey, navy, brown or the red #redisthebest4yoga)… It’s always better to avoid black and see your breathe under tissue. Moodkit catsuit is perfect for yoga, gym, and dancing class !

Do you think I’m going to sweat in my Moodkit ?

Hell no ! We choose the becool technology, wich is respirant, heat regulating and perspiring… We choose the best microfiber fabric for the athlete you are. We decided not to put forward this argument and stay humble and modest about it, because promise is not up to our expectations. To estimate the sensation, you can imagine an ultra thin 100% cotton fabric. Under the heights of summer, you will be better in the dress or the bodysuit. And when it is very cold you will stack gladly differents layers …

I want to buy Moodkit, but wich kit you suggest me to buy first ?

Our best seller and concept leader is the black catsuit. A legging and a ¾ sleeves top. With the catsuit you really enjoy the Moodkit concept and innovation. Your body is protected, covered, beautiful. You can experience perfectly the “second skin effect” wich we prefer to call the “wow effect” or the “body therapy effect”. You can wear it everyday as a base and get dressed on it playfully.

Should I wear a bra under my Moodkit ?

Hard question… Will you accept : it depends !… A large part of our customers adores Moodkit because they don’t have to wear bra anymore… They think that our tops are comfortables and soft on skin… But another large part of our customers will always prefer to wear bra with their Moodkit. It depends on your sensitivity, mood, moment, size, style, habits… You have to test it and find what kind of Moodkit girl you are…

I have made beautiful pictures with my Moodkit, how can I share them with the community ?

Oh great ! you can send them by mail, or post them directly on instagram with the hastag #Moodkit #moodkit girl #moodkitcombi #moodkitdress… We wil be happy to repost them on our social media Facebook, tumblr and Twitter. Enjoy it and suggest us your look ideas with moodkit.

I fail to attached the spaghetti top… It’s complicated no ?

Of course not ! it’s way more simple that your trying to do ! It is ingenious, while remaining simple and accessible. But you are numerous to have bugs then do not feel lonely front of the spaghetti test. This top was designed to be flexible. You can simply attached these straps behind the neck, either bring out two small rings hidden in the back and attach them, straight or crossed in the back. In that case, just slide the strap in the ring, once, makes a simple knot (without too much squeezed) and hide the straps remainder  under the tissue. Basta !

I’m disappointed, the Moodkit I ordered do not fit, May I return it ?

Ouch ! straight to the heart… We know that is impossible to pleased the all world, but we are always disappointed when one of you doesn’t like Moodkit… But our moods do not concern you and we try hard to improve our products, again and again. So you have 7 working days to indicate by e-mail that the product does not correspond your expectings. Without discussing we give you the address of expedition and we pay off you upon receipt of your command.

I’m a hudge fan of Moodkit and I would love to sell your products in my boutique…

Why not ! Send us an email on and tell us about your concept store, the brands you sell, your customers neeeds and we get in touch with you quickly.


Still have a question ? Contact us ! 🙂