Nothing is too much for you favorite brand ? We’re so crazy that we could convinced her ? We have a lot of influence : Jessica Alba, Melanie Thierry, why not Kate Moss ?

It’s too much honor wich you make us. But however, stay relax, we’re not going to disappoint you now. Then, of course the answer is YES ! It was kate Moss, without her knowing, who was the very first Moodkit girl…

When I created moodkit, I used to work in TV production. I didn’t made any fashion school and was no able to make any drawing. But just before to met the manufacturer I had to convince, I had to show him what looked like Moodkit in my imagination…. S

o I had an idea,  I took from the net a picture of the beautiful naked pregnant Kate Mood and I dressed her on photoshop with my imaged Moodkit.

It is with this picture that Moodkit was born.