In march 2011, we participated for the first time to the Playtime Tradeshow in New York City. On the very first day the atmosphere was electric, and all the french designers were all overexcited by this fashion experience in the heart of soho. Our Moodkit booth were not luxourious because I had travelled alone with my products, posters and accessories. But I was very proud to present Moodkit and I was so enthousiastic that anybody dares to blamed me for my franco-weardo-americano accent. The first day was intense. Buyers of all United states, but also Canadians, Chinese and Japonese visited the Moodkit Booth, and I don’t remember if I had sit for a minute. People were very nice, relaxed and curious about our innovative french product… Then, a very beautiful pregnant women came to me, with her husband. She was a doll, so simple and kind, almost shy. It was especially her husband, Cash, who spoke. He explained me that they thought about a project to open maternity stores everywhere in United States.. They adored Moodkit and his wife Jessica wanted to buy one, right now, to wear it on the evening…

– Jessica ? incredible, your name is Jessica, and you look so much to Jessica Alba !

– But Fanny !!!!! She is Jessica Alba !!!! And she wants a Moodkit right now !!!!

– Oups sorry… of course… Wich one you want Jess ?

– I want the Golden one !

And there it goes… First day in New York and I taste America for real… It was magic ! Thank you so much dear Jessica for this part of the American dream you offered me that day.

By the way, send us a picture of you with the Moodkit !